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Firearm Sales in New Orleans, Louisiana

Firearm Safety

Topper World understands that firearms are great tools for hunting and protection. However, we also understand that when guns are handled improperly, disaster awaits. That’s why we recommend our customers stay current in gun training programs. For safety tips or to find firearm training nearby, contact Topper World today.

Only the Best

We understand the importance of a young boy’s first gun, a thrilling hunt with a reliable weapon and the lives that depend on the accuracy of a home defense firearm. That’s why Topper World only carries top-of-the-line products in safety and performance from silencers to the guns themselves. Our goal is to provide the product you want at a great price.

Grab Some Ammo

Every good shooter knows that your ammo is just as important as the firearm it’s placed in. When you purchase ammo from Topper World, rest assured that you are buying only the best available. No matter what task you have at hand, we can help you find the right ammo for your needs. Visit us today to purchase quality ammo.

Gun Tuneup

Your gun’s care can mean the difference between hitting your target and going home empty-handed. In some cases, it may also mean the difference between life and death. Don’t wait to check your gun until you need it. Schedule your firearm tuneup today by calling or visiting Topper World. Tomorrow may be too late.

Gun Repairs

Topper World offers a wide range of general firearm repair services. We are able to install and repair sights, choke tubes and more. Our experts are able to service all types of firearms. Don’t hesitate to bring in your gun. We provide quick and easy repairs to keep you ready for whatever may come.