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Should You Add a Leveling Kit or Lift Kit to Your Truck?

Truck Lift kit
Lifting the frame or body of a truck is among the first modifications many truck buffs want to perform on their vehicle. Lifting offers many benefits such as providing adequate ground clearance for off-roading, allowing installation of larger tires, and enhancing your vehicle's overall ragged factor.

You can use a leveling kit or a lift kit to elevate your truck, but these two methods have some variations.

Read on to learn more about the two methods of lifting your truck or jeep as well as their advantages and disadvantages so you can decide on the best lifting technique.

Leveling Kit

Truck manufacturers usually lift the rear end of the vehicle and make the front part lower than the rest of the body. The stronger rear springs help to support heavy loads when the truck is at its maximum carrying capacity.

However, this design can make the truck look oddly tipped toward the front while maintaining a higher rake at the back.

A leveling kit works to solve this aesthetic problem by lifting the front end of the truck. The result is a higher and balanced vehicle that further allows you to fit larger tires.

Leveling kits generally come with a strut spacer to lift the upper spring perch and chassis. For trucks with a torsion bar in the front suspension, the leveling kit will include torsion bar keys.

Lift Kit

While a leveling kit raises just the front end of the truck, a lift raises both the front and rear ends. The two types of lift kits include body lift kits and suspension lift kits.

Body lifts use spacers to raise the truck's body to a higher elevation without changing the suspension.

For a more dramatic lift, opt for a suspension lift kit. This type of kit lifts the frame and the body of the truck. Suspension lift kits typically include a set of shock absorbers, torsion bars, spacers, springs, and control arms among other extra parts.

Suspension kits are costlier, but these will allow you to install larger tires, boost the suspension's efficiency, and improve performance especially for off-road excursions.

On the downside, installing suspension kits can be complex and may alter the vehicle's handling. While being affordable and easy to install, body kits can affect the stability of your vehicle.

Leveling Kit vs. Lift Kit

Both leveling and lift kits have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to raise your truck to a much higher height, opt for suspension lift kits.

Both types of kits will provide ground clearance for larger tires, but lift kits let you install extra-large wheels for a more rugged appearance.

Leveling kits are not only easier to install; they are also less expensive, allowing you to alter the appearance of your vehicle easily and affordably. The slight raise enables the truck to retain its handling quality, making for a comfortable ride.

Other than providing slight ground clearance, a leveling kit will not enhance the performance of your vehicle. If off-roading is a priority, opt for a lift kit.

However, bear in mind that the higher elevation that a lift kit provides increases the truck's center of gravity and can diminish the vehicle's stability at faster speeds.

Lifting your truck can maximize street appeal and allow you to crawl over rocks and difficult terrains with ease. Be sure to purchase your leveling or lifting kits from a reputable truck accessories vendor.

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