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Find the Right Truck Bed Toolbox With These 5 Questions

Pick-up Truck Bed
Whatever your trade, your work tools are a valuable investment, a key to your business, and a personal source of pride. They need to be protected from weather, loss, and theft. Truck bed toolboxes are a vital part of doing just that.
But how can you choose a truck bed toolbox that will work for your needs and fit your wallet? Here are a few questions to answer before you head out shopping for boxes.

1. How Much Sturdiness Is Necessary?

Toolboxes are generally very tough. But some need to be tougher than others. Steel boxes have the advantage of being durable and hard to break into, but they can rust in wet climates or job sites once the protective coating is damaged. On the other hand, plastic boxes aren't as durable or theft-resistant, but they can be easy to move around and inexpensive to buy. 

2. What Storage Space Do You Need?

You can now get storage gear in many different sizes and shapes. Crossbed boxes can be quite large, but they can also be combined with side-mount boxes for added storage — provided you don't need the bed space for other things. In addition, you can add toolboxes designed to take advantage of the area behind the wheel well, on trailer tongues, and even underneath the bed. 
If, on the other hand, you don't need to keep too many tools on hand, a single box that's too large could make it harder to find what you need or keep it protected. Two or three smaller, strategically placed mounted boxes may be a better solution with more organization potential. 

3. How Often Do You Access Your Tools?

Accessibility may be a key factor, or it may not be much of a consideration. Gull-wing style crossbed boxes with lids that open individually on each side are a popular choice for people who need quick access from the side of the truck. Side-mounted versions are also good choices for quick access from the ground. 
If you get into your box less often or while you're inside the bed of the truck, you may not need such a high-profile style. In this case, a utility chest that fits more discreetly inside the bed may be a better use of your efforts. 

4. How Do You Use the Bed Itself?

The larger and more complicated the toolbox, the more likely it is to take up space in your truck bed. Assess your needs for the space and shape of the truck bed with this in mind.
Do you carry things like lumber, siding, or loads of landscape debris? Then you may prefer a mounted toolbox style, such as the crossbed box, which allows the area underneath the box to still be utilized. You can have mounted boxes placed on three sides of the bed if more space is needed.
If your goal, however, is to add a topper or preserve the appearance of the truck, then opt for a utility chest or low-profile, side-mounted toolbox that isn't visible from the exterior. 

5. Do You Have Special Needs?

There are a few alternatives for professionals that have very specific tool or storage needs. Do you have to haul extra-long or -large equipment? Have specialty storage needs for sensitive electronics or specialized pieces? Want the ability to use or remove the toolbox depending on your jobs? Need drawers rather than a box?
Customized toolboxes might be more expensive than standard units, but they are worth the investment if it makes your business run smoother and increases your piece of mind. 
No matter what you need a truck bed toolbox for, start with a visit to the toolbox experts at Topper World in New Orleans. We'll help you find the right solutions for all your storage and organizing needs.